Mateo Da Silva


Mateo has worked in entertainment industry and undertaken leadership roles. With his strong leadership and connections in the industry, he has been appointed to manage day to day operations of the Caliente Network.

Daniel Duro


Dan worked in big IT firms for the past 15 years, experienced in distributed systems and big data mining projects. His strong IT skillset has him positioned in charge of all development efforts.

Kai Mirza


Kai has worked in marketing fields all of his life, from small to large business marketing.He will be in charge of marketing.

Ashura Singh

Community Manager

Ash has worked in social roles all of his career and will lead community and brand relationship efforts.


Business Manager

Nina is an accountant by trade. She will be in charge of overseeing all business operations, accounting and financial matters.


Creative Director

Maria is a graphic artist by trade, worked in various sectors of entertainment industry. She will leading development and execution of innovative strategies and corresponding creative guidelines that adhere to brand equities for new and existing products and services across our platforms.