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A.CALIENTE.ME – “Create Your Own Spice”

B.CALIENTE.STUDIO – Spice Laboratory

C.CALIENTE.WORLD – Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

D.CALIENTE.NFT Marketplace for Virtual Rarities

E.CALIENTES – “Feel the Heat”



The goal of the Caliente Network is to connect Blockchain Smart Contracts and the revolutionary Crypto Currency market with content creators, and brands of all kinds. We aim to use Caliente Network to counter unfair revenue sharing, reduce fees and remove censorship from creators, providing 100% anonymity to bring control and power back to creator'...


Le CALIENTE will be the official crypto currency for the Caliente Network. Le CALIENTE is a decentralized auto yielding and utility token with CAKE rewards distributed automatically to holders on hourly basis, created on Binance Smart Chain®. Le Caliente distributes automatically every hour CAKE token rewards. In future, multi-chain bridging soluti...