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Le CALIENTE will be the official crypto currency for the Caliente Network. Le CALIENTE is a decentralized auto yielding and utility token with CAKE rewards distributed automatically to holders on hourly basis, created on Binance Smart Chain®. Le Caliente distributes automatically every hour CAKE token rewards. In future, multi-chain bridging solutions will be launched with the Harmony One® and Ethereum® networks.

Our world will have its own economy, and its currency will be used to purchase all products and services.

Every Quarter, seventy percentage (70%) of overall revenue generated from all platforms will be used to perform buy backs of Le Caliente token at current market price. will have a revenue sharing incentive generated from commissions of all Caliente platforms.

Caliente has deployed its own Caliente.NFT token based on the ERC-721 and also would be Polygon/Matic network compliant protocol at later stage, Caliente.NFT protocol supports Filecoin® and IPFS® digital content storage solutions and in the future aims to support dynamic NFTs.

”Caliente aims to be listed in the Top 20 exchanges that support reflection mechanisms within 6 months of launch..”