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A new Metaverse and content creation platform, is announcing its upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will be held on August 18th. The new rising all-purpose BSC marketplace with a fully functioning ecosystem already made and ready to use. The goal of the Caliente Network is to connect Blockchain Smart Contracts and the revolutionary CryptoCurrency market with content creators, and brands of all kinds. No coding knowledge is required to be a creator and monetize your own content with full ownership. El Caliente Deflationary Token will include multiple extra features that will help you with the overall token rewards. Such features are: helping you.Create, list, trade, and earn with El Caliente Token. Caliente Network has vested interest in helping victims of  projects that were rugged, and help to increase investors’ trust in crypto through innovation and immersed experiences.


Why Caliente Network?

We wanted to create a one stop shop for creators. Also a place where people can come and do great things together. We understand that content creation comes in many forms and taps an array of industries. Thus our reason why we have done hours and hours of research to find problems and create real life solutions in the following industries: 

  • Content Creation & Branding
  • Entertainment Industry
  • VR/AR Industry
  • NFT Market
  • Adult Industry

Our vision is to build an entirely new world for the next level of content creation, communication, e-commerce, and entertainment – a new place you can call home. Our network does provide you with all the necessary tools to create whatever you desire. You will be able to exceed your own expectations. We allow creators and users alike to produce and participate in anything they wish, such as creating virtual avatars, competitions, live streams, podcasts, environments, games, studios, events, campaigns, exhibitions, art and so much more.

The Caliente Network comes with a host of unique platforms and features no other network has launched with. Those include: 

Caliente.Store: The main E-Commerce platform for all the products of Caliente Network. Where digital/physical assets are made to make money for creators.

Caliente.Market: A new kind of gig economy for everyone. Higher payouts beating industry standards. Use El Caliente or any major crypto to purchase and earn.

Calientes.Market: We won’t turn away the NSFW Hot Content most competing gig spaces refuse. 100% anonymous payments, 0 charge backs. 

Calientes.Store: A NSFW E-Commerce platform for all the products that are really spicy. Where digital/physical assets are made to make money for mature creators.

Calientes.Live: Soon to launch platform, allows creators that are censored to start monetizing from the comfort of their home. With zero lines of code you can sell merchandise and goods, stream your content and earn from your live performances.

Coming soon

Caliente.Me: Social app where creators go to build their brand and reach the masses.

Calientes.Me: Calientes provides a free ground for artistic expression, engaging in a no censorship policy for its creators. The law is the only limit.

Caliente.Luxury: For the finest crafters of the finest goods. This platform caters to all tastes, including the highest grade.

Caliente.NFT: The newest craze of digital goods, making money trading and minting rare NFTs and assets. Collect, trade or design new ones here first.

Caliente.Charity: A hub for all charitable activity, as Caliente Network dedicates itself to creating a positive impact on the world, online and offline.

Caliente.World: A fully interactive digital space. This interactive virtual reality world within a world.

Caliente.Academy: A series of courses that offer strategies/techniques for all creators interested in elevating their brand, and content to new heights.

Native Token: #ElCaliente

You are able to use ElCaliente as of now to pay for El Caliente merch, our e-commerce products, pay for services on our marketplace. In the future you will be able to purchase avatar accessories, partake in competitions, live streams, games, events, campaigns, exhibitions, art and so much more. Every Quarter, seventy percentage (70%) of overall revenue generated from all platforms will be used to perform buybacks of El Caliente token at current market price and do a massive burn!


El Caliente token economics is designed with long-term value creation in mind. We believe that great things take time to build properly and will require a long-term commitment from the team.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 El Caliente Token
  • Initial Burn: 500,000,000,000,000 Tokens 
  • Presale: 190,000,000,000,000 Tokens 
  • Community Sale: 190,000,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Exchange Listing and Future Burns: 40,000,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Development and Operations Wallet: 40,000,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Marketing and Community Development Wallet: 40,000,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Private Round: 5% of total supply to investors

El Caliente Token Distribution

  • 80% of the funds obtained during pre-sale will be used to create BNB/Caliente Liquidity which will be locked for 2 years (renewable) and the remaining will be used for initial aggressive marketing.
  • Marketing/Community Development wallet addresses will be announced to the community, so all transactions can be tracked. Caliente also plans to go through yearly audits on expenditures. 
  • Out of 4% initially allocated coins for development and operations, 2% will be locked for 1 year with quarterly seeding and the lock further to be extended yearly based. This wallet will be used for operation, development costs and exchange listings. 
  • Out of 4% initially allocated coins for marketing and community development, 2% will be locked for 1 year with quarterly seeding and the lock further to be extended yearly based. This wallet will be used for marketing and community development. 
  • Out of 4% initially allocated providing liquidity for exchange listings and future burns, 2% will be locked for 1 year with quarterly seeding and the lock further to be extended yearly based. This wallet will be used for providing liquidity for exchange listings, airdrops, and manual burns..

ICO Approach on El Caliente 

  • MAX BUY-IN  4 BNB 
  • MIN-BUY-IN  1 BNB 

El Caliente Token will announce pre-sale launch on DX-Sale Platform. Presale Announcement Date and Time will be published on Caliente Network, which is expected to commence on Aug 18, 2021. Sale will end upon reaching hard cap or 14 days after pre-sale launch.

Give A way form: “Chance to win 1 Billion El Caliente Tokens”

 Elcaliente Token Presale – Give Away

By entering Give A Way, you will have a chance to win El Caliente Tokens. It’s easy to win, the one with the most points takes the prize, that’s it!


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