Initially, Caliente Network will be launching CALIENTE.ME “CREATE YOUR OWN SPICE,” which will be the main brand under the Caliente Network supported built on our web and mobile technologies for non-nsfw content. This will allow all creators, studios and brands to benefit from the tools and technology provided by the Caliente Network.

Partnerships with VR/AR Industry leaders, technology providers, pioneers and API integrations will be our focus after the second quarter of launch. On our network, creators will be able to produce anything they wish, such as virtual avatars, competitions, live streaming, broadcasting environments, studios, events, campaigns, exhibitions, art galleries and many more...

Our studio ecosystem increases productivity, cultivates innovation, and unlike most in-house studios, gives our brands the creative flexibility and tools they need without any censorship within legal framework.

The luxuries of life all under one mega platform! Caliente.Luxury the epitome of opulence, splendour and extravagance, a place for the individual with exquisite taste. Our Luxury platform will allow complete anonymity and ease of mind in purchases. With our user-friendly transactions, those individuals who use our platform will be able to purchase all sorts of luxury goods, from designer bags to luxury estates to premium cigars or liquor, all on our platform.

Caliente will be establishing ongoing relationships with many charitable organizations. Caliente Network will regularly host unique events, auction rare content, create exclusive NFTs, and organize VR and public events to support these causes, without asking for direct monetary contributions from the community. Caliente Network will advocate for equality and fair sharing on all platforms and would support local community charities, creators or brands would be able to create our campaigns to fund their events. Caliente would make volunteering easier by enabling its unique tools to public.