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Le CALIENTE will be the official crypto currency for the Caliente Network. Le CALIENTE is a decentralized auto yielding and utility tokencreated on Binance Smart Chain®. In future, multi-chain bridging solutions will be launched with the Harmony One® and Ethereum® networks.



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Le Caliente is a auto yielding and utility token

Unique payback program at quarterly from revenues.

Total Tokens at Launch: 100,000,000,000

Total Burned at Launch: % 10, 


Tax: %12. Every buys, sell and transfer incurs a tax amount.

%4 Automatically yielding for Daily CAKE Awards to holders

%3 Marketing Wallet for Aggressive Marketing Activities

%5 Goes to Liquidity Pool for price stability

Liquidity Pool is locked at DXSALE for 2 years

  • Q4/21
  • Q1/22
  • Q2/22
  • Q3/22